Thursday, 15 March 2012

Diabetes Education


   Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder. Individuals affected by diabetes need to learn self-management skills and make life style changes to manage diabetes effectively and avoid or delay the complications associated with this disorder. For these reasons, self-management education is the cornerstone of treatment for people with diabetes.

     The main objective is to make the information clear, concise, practical and at the same time dispelling any myths associated with diabetes and its treatment. Counseling with regard to lifestyle modification to achieve better health status is also being done by qualified professionals. The department also ensures that the patient is equipped with self-care skills with regard to his diabetes management, which would include self-administration of insulin, blood glucose monitoring, prevention of complications etc.

     The diabetes education imparted by the department may be called Self management training and Self management education as well as diabetes patient education. The following unique services are offered by us:
  • Interactive Lecture Sessions & Audiovisual Presentation in English & Tamil.
  • Individual Counselling and Diet Advice.
  • Books on Diabetes in English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu & Malayalam for sale.
  • CD-ROM on Diabetes in English for sale.
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